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Using TrackToAct with JavaScript

In a previous article I’ve mentioned that you can also send events to TrackToAct via the web. This is accomplished by using the JavaScript snippet you’ll find in the TrackToAct SDK. In this post I’ll do a short demonstration on how you can track a website visitor’s movement, from where they first visit your site […]

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ASP.Net MVC DatePicker

I recently worked on a project that had a big form with a lot of date fields. I generally believe it is good practise to show the user a calendar when they either click in the date field or on a calendar icon next to the field. jQuery UI’s Datepicker does a very good job […]

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Office 365 – Using jQuery with SharePoint Online

JavaScript, whether you love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. Now, JavaScript does have its quirks and irritations, especially if you’re used to managed code such as VB.Net or C#. However, despite the bad rep a lot of folks have given it, it is one heck of a powerful language. If you’re like […]

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